Sammy The Snail

Sammy is a snail whose sadness has weighed him down and slowed his pace. Things begin to change for Sammy when he meets another snail who helps him realize he is not alone.

Written by Allie MacPhail, Marriage and Family Therapist, and beautifully illustrated by Allie Rutland, "Sammy the Snail" encourages children and their parents to learn new ways to deal with difficult emotions.

I Can't Sleep

Follow the creative mind of a fourth grade boy as he struggles to fall asleep. Friends and family have given him advice but it does not work. Whatever will he do? How will he sleep with all these worries? Will he ever get out of the fourth grade?

Never fear! Mom and Dad hear their son’s struggle and come to save the night with an ingenious plan that helps their son find a sense of confidence as he learns to better handle his worries and troubles.

Allie MacPhail

Allie MacPhail is a resident of the beautiful Bahamas, where she lives with her husband Bryn and daughter Anya--both of whom make her life amazing. The MacPhail family is surrounded by three beautiful Bahamian potcake dogs, one Canadian mixed breed dog, and two fabulously large cats.

Allie is a registered Marriage and Family Therapist (AAMFT), which means she has had the privilege of walking alongside hundreds of families through some of their toughest times. Allie has been honoured to sit with families and individuals, hear their stories, and watch tears turn into something beautiful.

Our Illustrators

Allie Rutland (Sammy The Snail) grew up in Milton Ontario, Canada. Her love of drawing led her to study Fine Art at McMaster University then Character Animation at Sheridan College. As an animator, Allie has worked on several television and film projects in Toronto and London, England. She currently lives in San Francisco and works at Pixar Animation Studios.

Jace McKinney (I Can't Sleep) grew up in the tight knit community of Nassau Bahamas. He graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design where he earned his BFA. Jace is known for his surreal illustrations that merge the ordinary and mundane with the fantastical, dreamlike spiritual journey of the human soul.

Sample Illustrations

Allie Rutland | Sammy The Snail

Jace McKinney | I Can't Sleep

Book The Author

Allie welcomes invitations to read and present her books at schools and events. If you would like to extend such an invitation, please contact Allie at

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